Each and every of our investors follow their individual risk-diversification scheme and create their own portfolio. Therfore, we focus on single asset investments. Our investors exactly know what they invest in.

We have a substantial amount of control over the investments as we select them, due diligence them, negotiate their contracts and manage them over the investment period. Rather than investing in an opaque portfolio of vintages through an established international or German open real estate fund, our investors enter into a single asset. The level of transparency for such investments is immense.

Through the investment process, the investor receives full information about the asset, financials, structuring and reporting. Cost and fees are fully disclosed. Thorough information about the asset is documented. And all related and involved parties are examined and disclosed.

Our strategy is to disclose full information about our single asset investments, in oder to fully provide our investors with all information for an informed investment decision and also through the whole investment period.