With a 28-year heritage of investing in mobile and real assets, we employ a disciplined investment approach which aims to deliver superior long term, risk-adjusted returns, preservation of capital to investors.

We draw upon an extensive industry network, deep proprietary research, detailed financial analysis and commercial structuring focused on transparency.

  • Deal origination and sourcing
    • Extensive industry network, developed over 28 years
    • Track record and reputation make us partner of choice for advisors and vendors
  • Screening process & due diligence
    • Control or significant influence positions are a pre-requisite
    • Extensive network of trusted advisors
    • Deep due diligence over assets and partners
  • Investment decisions & transaction
    • Innovative structuring solutions to unlock value for our investors
    • Single investment to guarantee maximum control and insight
    • A partnership approach to attract partners
  • Asset management
    • Active, hands-on asset management for developing value
    • Use of our combined long-term experience over all asset classes
    • Optimization of capital structure
  • Exit & investment realization
    • Continuous dialogue with our partners in identification of right exit points
    • Focus on maximizing returns and controlling risks
    • Proven track record