Single investments generally provide a very high level of transparency to investors.


The Term Sheet and the Prospectus in connection with the fro forma calculations and further material give the institutional investor full information on

  • the asset
  • the investment structure
  • the tax situation
  • the calculation basis
  • all partners and servicers involved

investment period

Through the investment period, the investors have access to semi-annual reportings and annual audited financial statements of both the asset company and the German investment company.

NHI investments give investors the full net performance of the underlying asset.

NHI bond structures do so through fixed and performance-linked interest:

  • fixed annual interest plus
  • success-based interest at sale of the asset after cost according to bond terms & conditions.

NHI fund structures pay performance-linked partnership dividends:

  • semi-annual or annual partnership dividends plus
  • exit-based full payment linked to sale proceeds after cost according to fund statutes.

NHI investments provide an extraordinarily high level of transparency in every aspect of the investment.