Market access

Identifying the best assets does not mean scanning hundreds of opportunities, but finding the most excellent ones in their niches. We work on identifying the most promising segment and we go straight to the project that we view as fitting.

“Dedication to the assets and the management practices has our full attention”

Cristina S. Bülow
Managing Partner

The services of the NHI companies

  • Identification of excellent partners and assets
  • Deep and strict due diligence on developers, construction companies, property managers, bank documentation and the assets
  • Commercial supervision of the investments and the investment structures throughout the investment period
  • Technical supervision through site inspections and audits
  • Management of all partners involved: developers, property managers, construction companies, trustees, banks
  • Supervision of the capitalization and the bank financing
  • Exit management and safe financial unwinding.

Our clients’ interests are always put first, that is the basis to our management philosophy and practices. We also custom-tailor investment strategies and structures to clients’ specific needs. We are in constant contact with clients to evaluate opportunities for them and to provide the best investment asset and structure for their own circumstances.